Idea House 2017 | Ground-Floor Living


A multigenerational home, the Beach House was designed in such a way that all the living could happen on the first floor. In addition to the first-floor master suite and ground-level laundry room, there are many thoughtful aging-in-place design features. Let us show you around.


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  2. Posted by camscamille, — Reply

    Bonjour, Pourriez-vous me dire comment s appelle cette nuance de bleu s il vous plait ? Cordialement

  3. Posted by tarynhuey, — Reply

    What color are these cabinets? Im in love with them...

  4. Posted by hayatekafhali, — Reply

    C'est formidable ce que vous proposez rien à dire

  5. Posted by woodlandgray, — Reply

    Check out @housesoftheplanet on instagram!

  6. Posted by hollingsworthRG, — Reply

    what color blue are the cabinets?

  7. Posted by koalaluvsthissideoftexas, — Reply

    this is absolutely beautiful

  8. Posted by futurofuturo, — Reply

    It's really well decorated.

  9. Posted by dekozenmobilya, — Reply

    Emeğinize sağlık 💪🏽 very nice 👍🏽

  10. Posted by kelko23, — Reply

    Like the wine bottle storage

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